V'air 鄉郊保育主題雜誌     

Rural Conservation Magazine


Rediscover Hong Kong: The Untold Stories of Our Remote Countryside



In the summer of 2021, members and interns of V'air Hong Kong visited different corners of the city to explore rural landscapes and collect stories from conservationists. We have compiled the findings into a magazine, "Rediscover Hong Kong: The Untold Stories of Our Remote Countryside".

Through stakeholder interviews and field trips, this magazine presents the unique milestones and complex tensions of rural conservation in Hong Kong from a first-hand perspective. With concerted efforts and collaboration among indigenous villagers, government, academic institutions, NGOs and commercial organizations, rural conservation embarked on a fruitful journey, winning international recognitions. We believe the key to sustainable development of the countryside is to establish a circular and regenerative community economy model to attract indigenous residents back to the village, and to connect the city and the countryside through farming, cultural events, tourism and education. From the Satoyama initiative to rural revitalization, there are diverse imaginaries about the future of rural development. V’air does not have a definite answer, but we firmly believe that the younger generation will inject innovation into sustainable rural areas, grasping opportunities and coping with future challenges.

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